Filled with the dulcet of efflorescent blooms, our studio is home to innovative floristry that pushes the boundaries with novel combinations and colour pairings, whilst celebrating some of the classics. For this, we draw inspiration from our surrounds to create botanical works that complement – not compete with – its setting and closely follow the seasons. With a focus on the plant material used, each arrangement or installation we make highlights the natural splendour of flower and foliage, accentuating its shape, colour and texture. This translates to a natural, uncomplicated style that is sometimes minimalist in its execution and other times wonderfully abundant.

All of this, of course, would not be possible without our wonderful artisan flower grower friends that supply us with the most amazing products to work with, from fetching Pueblo-pink dahlias to frothy cream-coloured peonies and so, so much more. Each stem allowing us to articulate our philosophy: To not only capture the fleeting beauty of a single bloom, but to also capture the joy it brings.

So, whether it is a single perfectly shaped garden rose, heady with summer perfume, or a sculptural pincushion with striations of neon orange and flame red that bring you joy, we hope you find as much pleasure in each petal as we do.

Estee Kershoff